James Drakeford Business Card

James Drakeford tasked me with creating a business card that speaks to the spectrum of all his creative endeavors. This was a tall order because James works within many creative mediums. He's a self-employed photographer, consultant, social strategist, event coordinator, educator, stylist, and buyer for Sole Classics. With his only direction being "Hey man, just do your thing!" I was excited and nervous but after a little research one project stood out to me in particular. The A-8SC project, this project is a Sole Classics and Vans shoe design collaboration that was co-designed, directed, and photographed by Mr. Drakeford.

James uses film for his photos so I wanted his business card to be timeless just like his photography. I kept things classic with a black and white color pallet and used a small icon with a flag representing the man on the moon. James is a full-time photographer by trade it was important to give that title special treatment. I created some hierarchy for the other titles by implementing clean lines and iconography for visual appeal.